Success is built every day with effort, hard work and perseverance

The aim of the NM Team is sporting and personal training for racing drivers. The services offered by NMRacing Team are adapted to the needs of any racing driver, whatever their personal and sporting objectives may be.

The values that underpin our team are:

Transparency in management

Our way of working is clear – we work with fixed prices for the customer, and there is no small print or subsequent surprises.

Comprehensive management

In addition to fighting for the sporting success of the drivers, our commitment to the customer is more comprehensive. We work with nutritional aspects and support physical training, essential aspects of this sport. The drivers simply have to focus on racing, while the NM Racing Team takes care of everything else.


Our team of professionals and mechanics guides young drivers as much as possible, taking care of their technical and personal training.

Effort and perseverance

We dedicate the same enthusiasm to all the projects we take on. We believe in motorsport and we believe in ourselves.


During his childhood and youth, Team Manager Nil Montserrat participated in a number of European and international Karting championships, with very good results.

Taking advantage of this extensive experience, Nil uses a very innovative training system: the drivers train on the track with him. This methodology facilitates drivers’ learning of the racing line, allowing them to practise race starts and head-to-head racing.

Another element that we work with is GOPRO equipment: we install several of these devices in each driver’s Kart and also in Nil’s. With the images obtained, Nil later works with the drivers so as to go into more detail in the training sessions..



Before taking part in a championship, drivers spend several days test driving to adapt to the racing car.

During these tests, we install a Baquet or co-driver’s seat so that Nil Montserrat can guide the driver on their first days. We also have a radio system installed in our cars that allows drivers to talk to Nil and actively listen to his advice.

We attach great importance to telemetry. Using data analysis the drivers get to study and understand the circuit they will race on and the strategies they have to use.

For more expert drivers, Nil Montserrat, as the Technical Manager, does some reference laps and we then work with telemetry and the videos we make with the GOPRO cameras


Team Manager

Laura Pagés Montolío, responsible for team administration and management.


All of our team drivers have professional mechanics who offer assistance in the races and also in all the training they do.

Karting Team Mechanics

  • Jacob Franco / Karting Head Mechanic.
  • Toni Martinez / Karting mechanic
  • Jose Alcañiiz / Karting mechanic
  • Aleix Cabeza /Karting mechanic
  • Marc Barbero /Karting mechanic

Car Team Mechanics

  • Luis Suerio / Head car mechanic and Ginetta G55 mechanic
  • Nestor Lozano / Seat León Cup Racer Mechanic
  • Juanma Tarranco / Ginetta and León Cup Racer telemetry
  • Daniel Prieto / Ginetta G55 Engineer
  • Aitor Jau Bera / Seat León Cup Racer Mechanic
  • Borja Garralda / Ginetta G55 Mechanic


  • Juanma Alcaraz / Junior Category / 11 years old/ ESP
  • Alejandro Albanessi / Cadet Category / 13 years old / ESP
  • Pol Lopez / Junior Category / 15 years old / AND
  • Marc López/ / KZ Category / 17 years old / AND
  • Belén García / Senior category / 18 years old / ESP
  • Nacho cervera / Senior category / 18 years old / ESP
  • Adrián Somoza / Senior category / 23 years old / ESP


  • Maxime Guillemat / Seat León Supercup Driver / 17 years old / FRA
  • Marc De Fulgencio / Seat León Supercup Driver / 17 years old / ESP
  • Nikolay Dimtriev / Ginetta G55 Driver / 19 years old / RUS